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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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the planning department and as well as sf beautiful for working closely to craft this ordinance i want to thank my co-sponsors in the legislation supervisor breed supervisor chiu and supervisor cowen and supervisor kim for their support. this legislation for the first time will establish binding procures to require robust outreach to our neighborhoods. and in the placement of those boksz boxes to allow community input to require murals on the boxes some have refused to do and require the utilities to plant greenery such as landscaping near the boxes and maintain the improvements over time. the legislation will impose
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strike out graffiti removal for almost two hours we've heard one public member expressing criticism and sometimes anger over 0 process that's failing that pits neighbor against neighbor nebulous and confusing and a process where inaccurate information will unfortunately is the normal everyone agrees with the current process is not working we've heard from neighborhood organizations across the city we need to fix our cabinet boxes process. under state law cities must allow telephone providers the right to use our sidewalks so far the installation of their utility city you signatures extensively boxes and poles.
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this code provision is over a servant old. after a fierce lobbying effort cable providers lobbied the legislation to extend the rights to other facilities like video streaming facilities. this amendment san francisco was precluded from pro bono the use of our sidewalks for utility cabinets like hundreds installed from at&t. what the city does have the authority to do that ordinance with establish a clear and comprehensive basis guiding the decisions first, it in front loads community outreach to iron out the outreach and pitting
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neighbors against neighbors and stop of the per verbal of kicking the can down the road down the street instead of going block by block and incurring resistance the community are will have visible blokes and meeting to look at all the locations and stop pitting block bins block or neighbor against neighbor. the legislation will also require the utilities make a good faith effort to locate their boxes on private property including offering macarthur payments currently their send a letter out offering a low amount at&t offers 8 to $10,000 no property owner is going to like. third, the legislation
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authorizes city departments to impose conditions on the permit to make sure that pedestrian safety and pedestrian circulation and other city policy concerns are fairly addresses and fourth the legislation is for utility murals on the boxes should they be approved and at&t is citing concerns refuses to do so having the murals on the boxes on some mta traffic control boxes allow it may not complelt reduce the sting but the boxes will have to be cited with the boxes in mind minimizing the aesthetics and inclines with the street plan and farrah certain locations where utilities are underground. once the boxes are placed on the
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sidewalk utility will have certain obligations relatively to graffiti they'll have to post visible contract numbers for reporting of graffiti issues and the graffiti and landscaping problems will have to be corrected between 72 hours. the legislation requires the utility to place a bond with the city so if the graffiti is not resolved this city will do so and bill the city interest if the graffiti is not removed the ordinance provides depending with the authority to issue fines up to one thousand dollars and day and suspend applications it requires the box to be removed too. fm the legislation requires an
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annual hearing by the department of public works to access the is it correct affectionate of underground boxes explaining to you is frequently not visible for technical reasons with other utilities underground but whether will require an assessment to see if it's feasible and if feasible they'll be placed underground. colleagues that is a very basic and common sense measure that will help bring some measure of reasonableness to this process and help address many of the concerns we hear if our xhutsz i ask for your support i want to thank and acknowledge ann debris power that put in an enormous amount of work working with many people in the community.
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thank you >> supervisor mar. >> thank you president chiu and thank you supervisor wiener for doing a thorough job i feel this process of meaningful community outreach will be helpful. i know many residents from the richmond and others have expressed anger as supervisor wiener said at the quick and rapid proliferation of the boxes all over the city. i know that the artwork and the greening and maintenance of the boxes as they were grauld improved around the city is other than important improvement to the legislation i applaud supervisor wiener for and look forward to engage the planning association for the richmond i know has been working on the issue for a number of years to make sure if the boxes are approved we're doing our best to
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make sure they're not a blight and involve neighbors in making them fitting into the neighborhood so thank you very much to supervisor wiener and the co-sponsors as well >> any other comments colleagues. roll call vote >> item 33 supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. there are 11 i's. the ordinance is passed on the first reading let's 80 go to roll call >> supervisor wiener you're up to introduce new business. >> submitted. >> okay supervisor yee.
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commissioner dooley's supervisor breed. all right. >> all right. colleagues, i wasn't ready but now am are today, i'm urging the california state to increase the automobile liability insurance amount for drivers involved in accidents that cause injury or death to someone else i want to thank ax my safety and advisory committee and the agency cac he's helped to craft a similar resolution passed by vice committee particularly among pedestrians and as the city worked hard to implement 9 vision zero plan california has said that million
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dollars stay at the same low levels since 1974 before i was born and putting aside inflation the cost of medical care in california is among the highest in the nation yet california automobile drivers are only 0 required to carry $15,000 in liability insurance for the injury or death that of one person and thirty thousand in liability insurance for two or more people that's insane. 15 and thirty thousand only two states in the country have minimums lower than our wisconsin and main and alaska they have insurance minimums of one hundred thousand. their trauvenlg insurance numbers pedestrian and bikes
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accidents their left without reimbursement for the injuries sometimes permanent and aly and unable to pay their bills those victims suffer because california's insurance minimums are far too allow to cover even a fraction of the medical costs. one important part of our going on effort to make san francisco so streets safe we don't want the investment of victims left to themselves california should be doing more an bicyclists and motorists and i hope you'll urge me to join the state legislation to do so. i have an memoriam for a woman that was a credible activist margaret was born in 1940 ms. bureaucracy retired as a
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telephone operator for the city attorney's office sherry she was a activist specifically when king garvey faced foreclosure ms. brooks raised her children and grandchildren was extremely ininstrument she saved properties for the residents a shining example of someone who didn't just talk about it but put her worker to words in the community. she survived by her family pope senior and freddie and brooks and iran then works with the district attorney's office and is incredibly active with the san francisco brown bombers she raised amazing grandchildren and
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her grandson who graduated from the unsuccessfully of the arts she was definitely a force to be recked with. the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor breed. supervisor chiu thank you madam clerk i'll thrilled to talk about the new lower polk neighborhood the southern half of the polk street this is an custom nation of years of work in my district. the possible neighborhood is a wonderfully diverse neighborhoods i served as the chair of lower polk neighbors. the southern structure has faced pedestrian safety and quality of life issues and homelessness and a very recently proliferation of bars and others conditions that
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at times has created challenges to keep the neighborhood going there's no green and if you places for the community to come together. in the last couple of 0 years there's exciting issues in the neighborhood like farmer's market and the art walks and other. last year the neighborhood empowerment network named it the come back neighborhood of the year. compromising of businesses and representatives of nonprofit organizations and property owners have worked hard on the formation of the cv d including public outreach and surveys and engineer reports and detailed plans and the budget. the district includes 22 blocks with the boerndz california and larkin and endearing including a c m.d. it will have an annual
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budget of $8 million to provide services in cleaning, maintenance and safety and bifurcation in the neighborhood in addition to that amount in the annual budget they'll give accountability cpa capital improvements. they've gardener 67 engages the proposed district leaving the formation and the petitions in favor overwhelmingly out weigh the average. i want to take a moment and express any thanks thirty to the staff and the community the is here committee polk neighbors since 2001 their advocacy for the cv d and them for providing
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the funding for the place i want to thank shell thomas as well as my aid for her work request or in the community. look forward to continue a conversation at the board of supervisors into the official election we've anticipate to occur in the month of june madam clerk the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor mar. supervisor cowen. >> thank you, very much madam clerk i too prepared a memoriam for many brooks i'd like to be added this tremendous woman was an asset to our city and a soul to be missed. i want to bring to the publics attention there was a long discussion in land use committee between the public works and the fire department, as well as the developer with lane arrest
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shipyard about the changes proposed street to the hunters point shipyard and the candle stick point. i'm introducing an initiative to have the public works update the citizen's advisory committee on the proposed widening of one hundred and candle stick point prior to the issuance of the parcel map i think it's incredibly important we remain committed to our community partners and keeping them 40s informed, however, slight changes to the any of the projects they've been already entitled. the people are made to are made to stay abreast particularly when they're coming to the land use. madam clerk the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor cowen.
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supervisor farrell has graciously that supervisor wiener can have preference in recognize >> thank you madam clerk and supervisor farrell. so i first want to thank supervisor cowen for the resolution urging the public works to go back to the hunters point shipyard sizing committee to talk about the thirty percent widening on the residential side streets if the candle stick point project and supervisor cowen store her leadership around this important project the shipyard project all told candle stick point is the largest project happening in san francisco it's 10 thousand units of housing significant affordable housing it's incredibly important project and it's important we get it right. yesterday we held a hearing that i called for a long time with several colleagues in the land
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use committee to discuss an 11th hour move by the fire department and the department of public works to widened basically almost all the streets in the hunters point shipyard and candle stick point. project from the standards 20 feet of street clearance to 26 a thirty percent increase this is completely out of line with the urban street standards and out of line with the better streets plan and out of line with the vision zero resolution of this board and our goals of having impact walkable community that are safe we know that widening roads increases accidents and undermines a walkable liveable community. by widening the streets we'll either have freeway style of lanes 12 to thirteen feet wide
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or residential side streets with concrete mediums going down the middle and sidewalks will be cut back and the amount of square footage for housing will be reduced and open space square footage will be reduced the hearing was lengthy but informative what's happened city departments without a process and if no hearing there would be no public hearing that decided to change the standards in the streets of san francisco that vicinities many procedures by the voters it's not acceptable and as i mentioned a few weeks ago we were working with the city attorney's office to draft the code amendments to prevent this in the future. he can know that aerials need to be widower and sometimes to
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suggest that our neighborhood side streets should be wide and encourage fast moving traffic is not consistent i have numerous respect for the fire department they do frepgs e tremendous work on the narrow streets in san francisco we need to support the fret but that doesn't mean redesigning our city so the streets are not safe for pedestrian safety so i looked forward to the continuing conversations it's not over and i know that we'll be able to advocate go effectively for a liveable streets for our city >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor farrell. >> colleagues today after a number of meetings in our budget and finance committee around the homelessness for the past month or two i'm asking the city
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attorney to draft our homeless less residents to get preference in the affordable housing program ambassador we heard about the closing within our stabilization beds and within the housing authority and the mayor's office of housing affordable units to create more flow and unclog the housing at all levels i hope this achieves for to do so. we do know there are tenants in support of the housing across the city that can move from housing units into more affordable housing. and to make our housing to work we need legislation and additional policies that will encourage the movement we've heard from any tenants they were
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able to change our lives but currently they felt stuck due to some the current restraint restrictions on families. we know we need to add a greater supply but we need a turnover. we'll continue to work with the staff and mayor's office of housing foobltd and providers and homeless providers and come back to formerly introduce a strong piece of legislation. the goals to have this legislation for a true incentive for homeless and families on your streets to give them fallout of future incentives they'll have housing options if at the work towards greater self-sufficient i hope to come
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back with your support thank you supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. thank you madam clerk >> colleagues today, i'm introducing a resolution that will help address hunger in the city i want to thank san francisco food for the hearings we've held promoting the value that no child or senior should go to sleep with a hunger symptom in december we committed our city to endure we'll have adequate resources to end food shortages in 2020. in length health and labor found approximately half the elderly our seniors are related to poor
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nutrition leading to very expensive long term care. in conflict one year of home delivered meals costs about the same as one day in the hospital for example a senior i'll repeat that one year of home delivered meals costs about the same as one day in the hospital that's an average of $30,950 a day in the united states the human agency services on the other hand, and our department of aging serves showed the gap between the number of meals served and needed was 84 thousand meals daily they estimated that mostly seniors are living below 2 percent of
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problems with the self-care difficulties and in need of home delivered meals there's a huge need for this solicited group of people many folks are waiting 42 days to get accepted to address this need that i'm introducing this resolution that allocates our department for a thirty day wait list policy and an emergency within 2 to 5 days this is from our task force i urge tour support. secondly, i'd like to thank the isolation of neighborhood leaders and small property owners for helping our offices strengthen our chain store legislation in the city.
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today, i'm introducing a substitute legislation that will help to clarify and strengthen and bring up to date our retail formula controls in the city. from the staff i've held back at moving forward my legislation until the ongoing formulate rated study was conducted i've been talking to go planning commissioners and been monitoring the formula retail study a that's been ongoing as presented in phase to the planning commission. i'm glad to provide the additional time to meet with the stakeholder groups as this legislation shows it's been amend and it's helped my staff. my goal is to create a reasonable new formula retail ordinance that clear
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comprehensive and will protect small property owners and allow for economic growth in the city. now that the formula retail study is almost complete i'm ready to move forward with the discussion and looking forward to the discussions. i want to take a minute to thank my coworker nick for his hard work and it's expertise and strong community awareness and strong relationships with our coalition of small property owner leaders and neighborhood leaders in our coalition. lastly saturday will be a tremendously happy day for a lot of which were that are dancers and ballot lovers if the 21st anniversary of the school of arts i wanted to thank a former student and ballot dancers
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supervisor tang for co-sponsors this resolution it will be on the agenda at the end of the meeting but it's a resolution that honors the school felt professionalism arts. the school it in the inner richmond i used to live around the corner from the school and used to see the kids and parent lined up for the amazing mask that occurs in the studio. they've been providing an excellent dance education it instructions all over the bay area. their celebrating 25 years of dance education to san francisco. and the bay area. the schools played a pioneering roll in arts and creativity enrichment of the children in the community and the artistic
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teacher is opened in 1989 as the ballot school and rapidly combroepg to be the top dance academy in the san francisco bay area the program believed it's important to develop the outstanding skills but self-confidence and strong more like characters it to say create good more like dmrashg a difference population this saturday at the lourl high school they'll be hosting two performances spring performance one at the 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and the master of ceremony will be court of appeals leigh graduate of the school of the arts she was formerly ms. california 2013